Has grown in scope and now needs your help to continue the good work.  People of all ages with varying disabilities are understanding the therapeutic benefits of learning the game of golf. 

Every year, the Full Swing Golf team partners children with physical needs with golf pros, physical therapists, and other professionals to teach them the game of golf.  We are hosted by Button Hole Golf Course, a handicap and wheelchair accessible course in Rhode Island.

The children learn the mechanics related to their challenges, the correct approach for them, and they receive personalized, one-on-one attention. The end result is that these children can have a brighter outlook for themselves, and, their future.

Children with physical challenges have a hard enough time adjusting, not only to their physical limitations, but also to social stigmas.  Golf gives children confidence and provides a recreational outlet to get them “back in the game”.

One of our biggest accomplishments thus far is acquiring our own Paramobile. It allows for individuals who are wheelchair bound to stand up and realize the full benefits of playing golf. We keep our Paramobile at Button Hole so that it is available for public use on a daily basis. Learn more about the Paramobile here!

We are currently planning our next event! Check back soon for more details.  In the meantime, consider becoming a sponsor by donating today!